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Dawn Mae Life Coach


If you’re here…

Then, it’s my guess your life isn’t what you want it to be. Because while you’ve experienced growth and wins and success along the way, you’ve been squeezing yourself into a box.

Leaving parts of who you are at the door or the moment you click into a Zoom meeting. Holding up a certain facade among colleagues, friends and family. Tired of being everything to everyone else and never having time for yourself. All in an effort to “climb the corporate ladder”, meet society’s demands and not disappoint anyone.

You’ve lost track of who you are, being the best version someone else wanted you to be. You may have lost your ability to feel happiness. You don’t remember the last time you belly-laughed.


Are you tired of putting everyone else ahead of yourself?

You want to feel free to be yourself without consequence - and to lean into all of your strengths, gut instincts, and more to contribute to something greater.

I see you.

Are you ready to awaken your heart and live your fullest life?

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